two hundred 50 six SHADES of GREY

First of all I have to let you guys know that I have a TON of blogs that will be trickling down over the next couple of weeks in no particular order so stay tuned. I’m back from the insane hiatus that I’ve been on and I’m going to tell you guys all about it. I’ll start with my most recent adventure.  I was facebook stalking my friends like I love to do when I have spare time and I came across an event that was being hosted at my friend Rhonda’s hair salon Guy & Girl Republic. ( I told you guys about that place before). Anyway It was an event called the poets lounge and the theme was “50 shades”. Now I haven’t read the book, but apparently every woman that I know has. Also I figured this was right up my alley because I LOVE poetry. It was also featuring some local artists that I know. So I went to the event  and I had a BLAST! It was hosted by my good friend Wali aka Mr nice guy.  Another one of my friends Searius Add did a couple of pieces. I seen Eric Jefferson and Suga Ray there who are both phenomenal artists and friends of mine. Last but not least Ms Maiya was there selling pure romance and giving great sex tips. I was pretty happy to see so many of my friends that I hadn’t seen in a while in one place. It was only right for me to snap a few pictures and keeping with the theme of the event they’re GREYscale. (I know it was corny…..and I’m sure my photographer friends were the only ones that got the post tittle….oh well)

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