Take your friends to work day!

I love having a job where it’s okay for my friends to come hang out without a boss calling me into their office to yell at me. I was finishing up a day in the studio earlier this week when my best friend Wendi stopped by. It always cool working with my friends because it TRULY no pressure. If I mess on a friends pictures I can always just inconspicuously invite them back to the studio on a different day. In the spring Wendi is headed to South America to hike through 10 countries!….(okay maybe it’s only 2 but that’s still a lot of walking) We had fun and got some great pics. I managed to sneak myself into one too!



  1. by Dwain Thomas on January 15, 2012  6:27 pm Reply

    Great post, and great shots sir!

  2. by admin on January 15, 2012  7:15 pm Reply

    Thank you sir!

  3. by Stephanie Matthews on February 5, 2012  9:05 pm Reply

    Naton! I'm loving this blog and the layout! Outstanding my friend - the design and easy navigation is fabulous. Continued success, Stephanie

    • by Flix on February 8, 2012  7:08 pm Reply

      Thank you SO much Steph!

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