Sandy Puc does it every time!

Okay so a couple of years ago I went to the national PPA convention (It’s a big photographer thing). I met this lady that was walking around with a big purple monster. Not like a stuffed animal, but like a person in a huge consume. Needless to say that lady and her monster had my undivided attention. That lady ended up ended being Sandy Puc, photographer and marketing guru. She was promoting her brand ukandu marketing. I took some information on her company and a snapshot with her and the monster and kept on moving. A few months later I got a postcard for one of her tours featuring Jerry Ghionis (An AMAZING wedding photographer that I stalk pretty frequently). I registered and couldn’t wait to go. I got a call from my friend Deanna (She’s a photographer too. She’s working in New York right now) and she told me that she was coming to town to attend the seminar. Okay so long story short I went, It was AWESOME, it totally changed my life….well at least how I shoot weddings.

So the real story is that I got an email that Sandy was coming back to town for another tour, but this time it was all hands on! Of course I signed up and went and it was AMAZING!! I learned some great new lighting techniques, a little set design, some new white balancing techniques, and I made at least 10 new friends! Did I mention that she had a phenomenal panel of photographers who shared SO much knowledge. I owe a SUPER thank you to Courtney Dailey, Steve Ragland, Bry Cox, and Brandon Cox. You guys are the BOMB!(and that means that I’ll be stalking you guys now too!) I even walked away with some solid images from the seminar. Let me know what you guys think.

Bry was showing us the magic of making women look great

Courtney getting a great reaction out of the sisters

Steve showed us how to build a barn…indoors!

At the end of the shoot the models cut loose a little

I put together a couple of collages too!

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