Mariah the dancing queen

One of the most entertaining things about photographing kids is that they’re honest. The same was true for Mariah. Mariah is my friend Tisa’s daughter. For her 11th birthday she wanted to have some pictures taken and I was happy to take them. As a photographer sometimes I’ll ask people to do things that make them feel dumb or awkward. (the only reason I do that is to get a more natural picture or better expression) Most of the time adults trust you enough not to ask questions. That’s out the window with the young people. Mariah made sure to tell me “That’s stupid I’m not doing that”….lol. Gotta love the honesty. I had to find some natural interaction that wasn’t “stupid”. Her mother said “She’s been dancing forever”. That’s perfect! So once Mariah started dancing the rest was easy. Great shoot dancing queen.

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