Tyrone | New Albany High School

Senior: Tyrone

School: New Albany High School

Extra Curricular Activities: Football, Art, Long boarding & Acoustic Guitar

Class of: 2012

Columbus Ohio Senior Photographer: Naton Shoemake

Ty came in as a referral because his mom knows my friend Rhonda (remember her). Anyway Ty came in and brought everything he wanted to used for his senior pictures. I looked around and thought “Man I WISH I was this cool at 18”. This guy was an athlete, an artist, a musician, a long boarder and you would think with all of that he would have been arrogant. Not even, Ty was one of the coolest Seniors I’d ever worked with. With all the cool things that he had going on I felt like he set the bar pretty high for me to take pictures that were equally as awesome. I think I did a pretty good job. And did I mention that Ty had so much fun that he came back and interned with us before he graduated. I’m looking forward to working with more Super Cool Seniors this year.

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