Back for the 1st time

Okay so I’m back to blogging AGAIN. Blogging for me is like being in a questionable relationship. I know I love it, but every so often I leave it alone only to run right back. So here I am. There will definitely be a lot more photography on this blog though I mean after all I AM a photographer.

With that said I wandered around the city a couple of days ago. check how it turned out

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  1. by Christie on September 12, 2009  8:49 pm Reply

    These pics are fabulous, Flix! I love your creativity & love of what you do. That love & dedication shows in all of your work and keeps me intrigued, as well as JWORK Ltd needing your presence at all of our events! You are an inspiration to us and you are definately the epitome of what a designer should be!
    JWORK Ltd-E.M.A,
    Christie R Crumbie

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