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Tyrone | New Albany High School
  • Tyrone | New Albany High School

  • Senior: Tyrone School: New Albany High School Extra Curricular Activities: Football, Art, Long boarding & Acoustic Guitar Class of: 2012 Columbus Ohio Senior Photographer: Naton Shoemake Ty came in as a referral because his mom knows my friend Rhonda (remember her). Anyway Ty came in and [...]
  • Sandy Puc does it every time!

  • Okay so a couple of years ago I went to the national PPA convention (It's a big photographer thing). I met this lady that was walking around with a big purple monster. Not like a stuffed animal, but like a person in a huge consume. Needless to say that lady and her monster had my undivided attention[...]
  • two hundred 50 six SHADES of GREY

  • First of all I have to let you guys know that I have a TON of blogs that will be trickling down over the next couple of weeks in no particular order so stay tuned. I'm back from the insane hiatus that I've been on and I'm going to tell you guys all about it. I'll start with my most recent adventure.[...]
James + Toiana | Grand Oaks Event Center Wedding
  • James + Toiana | Grand Oaks Event Center Wedding

  • James + Toiana Date | 4.15.12 Wedding & Reception Location | Grand Oaks Event Center Wedding Planner | Cori Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers | Naton Shoemake & Amy Cohen   Columbus Ohio Wedding Photography   After having so much fun with James and Toi on [...]
Chris | New Albany High School
  • Chris | New Albany High School

  • The class of 2012 has really represented this year. Every time a new senior comes in it blows me away how much maturity, style and swagger that they have. Chris was no exception.  Add that to the fact that this guy had to be at least 3 inches taller than me, the fact that he plays basketball makes p[...]
  • She's up next

  • I just finished the final images for Rach. Rach called me a couple of weeks ago and said "I'm a recording artist and I'm pretty serious about what I do. I've heard nothing but good things about you so I'm ready to work" AWESOME! I mean in a perfect world that's how all my phone calls should go. Anyw[...]
  • Mama Mia

  • So I have known Shemia since she was in high school. We both worked at City Center Mall (I'm giving away my age again). So you imagine how I felt when she called me and said "I need to get some pictures done with my 2 girls". I thought to myself wow it seems like we were just working at the mall a c[...]
  • Fun in the sun......and the rain......and the studio

  • I just had the pleasure of delivering final images to my friend Christal. Christal got with me a few months ago and said that she wanted to do a few sessions with her and her girls. I was all for it! We did the first session at Jeffrey Mansion which is one of my favorite places to shoot (when there'[...]
  • And to the Republic for which it stands

  • Okay so I got a call from Rhonda who is one of my SCF's (Super Crazy Friends). Rhonda is a hair dresser, and a photographer, and a mommy, and a hippie (but she always smells good.....and I'm pretty sure she shaves her armpits) Anyway she's super cool. So Rhonda called me and said she's opening her o[...]
Brandon + Bella | Columbus Wedding Photographer
  • Brandon + Bella | Columbus Wedding Photographer

  • Brandon + Bella Wedding | New Salem Baptist Church Reception | Monacos Palace Wedding Planner | Reception DJ | DJ D Boogie Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer | Naton Shoemake & McKenzie Dunn   Columbus Ohio Wedding Photography I went to High School with Brandon so wh[...]
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photography | Darrell + Grace
Columbus Wedding Photographers | Mike + Jasmine
  • Columbus Wedding Photographers | Mike + Jasmine

  • Mike + Jasmine Date | 7.11.09 Wedding | Second Baptist Church Reception | Hilton at Easton Florist | Oberers Wedding Planner | Charity Martin DJ | DJ O Sharp Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers | Naton Shoemake, Ashley Ervin   Columbus Wedding Photography   [...]