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Sydney | Patriot Preparatory Academy
  • Sydney | Patriot Preparatory Academy

  • Senior | Sydney School | Patriot Preparatory Academy Class of | 2012 Extra Curricular Activities | Basketball, Mentoring, Church Patriot Preparatory Senior Photographer | Naton Shoemake   The funny thing sbout Sydney is that I've known her since she was 5 years old. The funnie[...]
  • I love the baby bumps!

  • Fredrica called me and said that she was referred to me by my friend Baradino. She wanted to do some maternity photos. I said great, let's do it. The reality is that maternity sessions used to freak me out because for some reason I used to always think that the mother was going to go into labor half[...]
Mariah the dancing queen
  • Mariah the dancing queen

  • One of the most entertaining things about photographing kids is that they're honest. The same was true for Mariah. Mariah is my friend Tisa's daughter. For her 11th birthday she wanted to have some pictures taken and I was happy to take them. As a photographer sometimes I'll ask people to do things [...]
Its the not the shoes
  • Its the not the shoes

  • I just had the pleasure of delivering the final prints of the Jordan family to my friend Teirra. She told me that her brother was about to head off to basic training and her family wanted to have a family portrait done before he left. We did the shoot at my studio. Even though it's not completely do[...]
  • Engagement Photos | James +Toi

  • James + Toi Location| Franklin Park Conservatory Columbus Engagement Photographer | Naton Shoemake Engagement Photos A big sign that spring is around the corner is when people start calling me all excited to tell me that they're getting married. I got the call from Toi saying that she me[...]
  • Take your friends to work day!

  • I love having a job where it's okay for my friends to come hang out without a boss calling me into their office to yell at me. I was finishing up a day in the studio earlier this week when my best friend Wendi stopped by. It always cool working with my friends because it TRULY no pressure. If I mess[...]
  • Christmas cheer in the new year

  • I was leaving the studio the other day and I got motivated. I drove past the Christmas lights in Columbus Commons, the ones that are still up 2 weeks into the new year. I've been telling myself that I need to get out there and shoot the lights. Not only because they're pretty and bright. Not only be[...]