And to the Republic for which it stands

Okay so I got a call from Rhonda who is one of my SCF’s (Super Crazy Friends). Rhonda is a hair dresser, and a photographer, and a mommy, and a hippie (but she always smells good…..and I’m pretty sure she shaves her armpits) Anyway she’s super cool. So Rhonda called me and said she’s opening her own hair salon, a swanky little place in the Short North caller Girl & Guy Republic. I said “Oh yea that’s awesome so do you want me to take pictures?” She said “No I want to take your picture”……..”WHAT??” I happily agreed it’s just strange because I’m not used to people sticking cameras in MY face. While I was there I had to take a couple of shots. I just couldn’t help it. Check out some behind the scenes action.  And if you get over to West 5th and High Check out the salon too!

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